Stay Covid Free With Disinfecting Water


These days everyone is worried about keeping their family safe from the devastating effects of Covid-19. And while more people are protecting themselves by wearing masks and keeping their hands disinfected, a lot of us are forgetting one thing—all those pesky microbes lurking in the air and on surfaces. 

The key to staying safe from Covid is to practice hygiene on all fronts and regular wipes just won’t cut it. This is where the EcoLife sterilized water generator comes in. It uses a combination of water and salt to create a hypochlorous acid, which is proven to help inactivate coronaviruses in under a minute.  

Set this device anywhere and you will always be ready to use its antimicrobial properties to sterilize your fruits, furniture, tables, and home.

Featured Products
  1. HOCL Sterilizing Water Generator(Ecolife P300)
    HOCL Sterilizing Water Generator(Ecolife P300)
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    40% off
  2. Hydrogen Water Generator(Ecolife P200)
    Hydrogen Water Generator(Ecolife P200)
    特殊价格 US$ 90.30 常规价格 US$ 129.00
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