Add A Fun Korean Flair To Your Style With Pop Culture Pins


Looking to add a little extra flair to your outfit? These fun pop culture pins, designed by Anxiety & Kimbap—an accessory entrepreneur and self-declared anxiety-ridden expat in South Korea—would be a perfect choice. They feature a variety of super cute characters, iconic Korean products, and inside references any fan of Korean pop culture would love. Let’s go over the meanings behind two of my personal faves.

No Jam (노잼)

This cute little jelly jar pin is inspired by the ever-popular Korean phrase “노잼 [no jem]”, which sounds similar to the words “no jam” in English. It takes the word “노 ‘[no]” from English but uses a Korean play on words for both “잼 [jem]” meaning jam and “재미 [jemi],” meaning fun. Together “no jam” (or jem) creates a Konglish slang word often used to refer to something that is no fun at all (unlike these pins, which are full of fun K-culture references).

Honey Jam (꿀잼)

This memorable bear-shaped honey pin carries the term “honey jam” or “꿀잼 [ggul-jem]” which directly translates to “honey fun,” and is used to express that something is very fun - so fun that it’s sweet and addictive like honey. It’s the opposite of “no jam,” and is often used to describe your favorite TV shows, activities, and jokes.


These are only two out of a ton of cute options, so get creative and add an extra Korean flair to your shirts, denim jackets, favorite bags, and more.