Add K-drama Glam To Your Look With Penthouse Jewelry


Lies, coercion, and deceit: This opera-themed K-drama manages to deliver eye-opening suspense in spades. We’re talking about the controversial hit Penthouse: War in Life, a show which takes viewers through a series of dark and twisted stories involving the wealthy families of Hera Palace and their children at Cheong-ah Arts School. 

While audiences initially compared the show to Sky Castle, it has superseded it with its themes of crime, corruption, and contempt - so much so that many are struggling to decide which character is the least detestable. However, absolutely everyone is falling unquestionably in love with the show’s luxurious fashion and beautiful statement pieces.

Watching Penthouse and seeing all the love for the show’s fashion has inspired us to present you with some of the magnificent pieces featured on the show - because we can never go wrong with an extra bit of glamour in our lives. Without further ado, here are some pieces from the show that we absolutely loved: 

Memorial Mortuary Urn Pendant Necklace

This beautifully hand-crafted urn pendant necklace was worn by the queen of the Penthouse apartment herself, Shim Su-Ryeon. Throughout the drama, Su-Ryeon uses a hidden compartment on the back of the pendant to store the ashes of someone important to the story of season 1.

Piano Orgel Pendant Necklace (Without Orgel)

This 18k gold statement piece was worn by Bae Ro-Na on the night of the prestigious Cheong A Arts Festival. It is topped with cubic zirconia around the edges and at its center to create a shape and design that emphasizes its extravagantly decorative piano centerpiece.

Big Apple Necklace

Big Apple Necklace

A key piece of evidence from the first season of Penthouse, this apple-shaped pendant was worn by the plot driving character Min Seol-A. Her handmade silver pendant contains a top layer of epoxy that adds the vibrant colors of an apple and creates an unmistakably charming design.


Gold Crystal Net Choker & Bracelet

This golden net choker was worn by Cheon Seo-Jin, a famous opera singer and resident of the Penthouse apartments. As someone who is all about appearances, her fashion has been on point throughout the series.  On the other hand, this character is willing to do anything for money and power, even if that means pushing her daughter to do terrible things. While her character is anything but kind, Cheon Seo-Jin’s elegant fashion is definitely top-tier - and this gold and crystal choker is definitely one of her standout pieces.

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Sapphire Teardrop Necklace

The most extravagantly embellished piece worn the night of the Cheong A Arts Festival: This sapphire teardrop necklace manages to look both classy and radiant. It was worn by Cheon Seo-Jin's daughter, Eun-Byul, who also plays Bae Ro-Na’s operatic nemesis. This piece serves as a vital piece of evidence during the 2nd season of Penthouse. It is made with 18k white gold and combines sapphire and cubic zirconia to create an eye-catching design.

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Pearl Diamond Necklace

This is the second piece on our list worn by Cheon Seo-Jin. It combines freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia to create a necklace that radiates luxury. If you are looking to add an extra bit of class to any monochromatic outfit, this is the piece for you. 

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Ruby Ring

Yes, this is the third piece worn by Cheon Seo-Jin, but she was blessed with wearing so many astonishing pieces throughout the show - and honestly, we could not help but fall in love with this ruby ring. It has a uniquely refined look to it that is supremely captivating. 18k white gold, cubic zirconia fringes, and a ruby center - need I say more? This piece is stunning.

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Complete Your Penthouse Look 

Mettre · Medium Brown

Shim Su-Ryeon had on this strikingly beautiful outfit in the first season of Penthouse that we just couldn’t forget. It was an all-black dress, beige peacoat, black heels, the urn pendant necklace, and a fabulous brown bag. So, if you’re looking for a complete Penthouse look we recommend this exquisite medium brown bag from Alice Martha. It is cute, stylish, and made with faux leather - making it completely cruelty-free.

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Rose Keyring

Penthouse Rose Keyring

This keyring is another item we couldn’t bear to leave off of our list. Straight from season 2 of Penthouse, this rose keyring is gorgeous. Its gold-plated design and magnificently executed coloring make it the perfect way to carry your keys in style.

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